Are You Organized?

I came home from work a little while ago and stopped short at my bedroom door in shock. Somehow, throughout the course of my day, a tornado came through my bedroom.

A Fucking TORNADO.

I thought, what the hell?, and then I remembered. Shoes. I was looking for a pair of shoes to wear this weekend and tore my room apart. Completely apart people. There were purses slung everywhere (don’t know why I thought my shoes would be in there), dresses tossed here and there, jeans, t-shirts, bras and panties scattered across the expanse of my room. Almost every surface was covered. My bathroom and my walk in closet looked pretty much the same, with one exception.

My bathroom counter looked as though a beauty pageant full of Southern Belles and Drag Queens blew through there.

I had to stop and look in the mirror to remind myself, No-I wasn’t actually wearing makeup today. I was surprised I didn’t have any on, because by the look of the counter you would think I applied it with a Spackle knife.

I’ve been wondering as I’ve been picking up, just how I got to be so unorganized. Stuff piles up, overwhelms me and I need to get it back under control. So you know what I’ll be doing tonight? That’s right! Organizing my room and getting rid of some things.

The hardest part for me is deciding what to get rid of and what to keep. I donate to my local Goodwill and Salvation Army a lot, but I always seem like I still have an overabundance of things I don’t use. So I’m enlisting your help. That is, if you would be so kind as to share your expertise.

Are you organized? Or are you like me, a total freaking mess? Somewhere, there’s a middle ground. Do you fall there? How do you organize? What is the MOST organized place in your home or apartment? What the LEAST? Do you go out and buy fancy supplies to use, or do you use things around your house?

Hopefully, while you are reading this and laughing at me, I’ll remember which pair of shoes I was looking for this morning. Maybe I’ll even unearth them. Cross your fingers!

OH, and while you’re here, don’t forget to check out my post Getting Girly with Leila and Lace….and use that coupon for 15% off your purchase!

Hope everyone is having a wonderful week! (if your not, just keep in mind, its almost OVER! 🙂


4 thoughts on “Are You Organized?

    • Nerdy Girl says:

      Oh! I know just what you’re saying! I once kept a pair of shoes that didn’t fit just because I thought maybe, JUST MAYBE, one day, they would. Irrational much? LOL

      • britneyana says:

        If they are too big, not at all! My aunt has a spare bedroom dedicated as a closet, and all of her shoes are suddenly too small; she is 57!

  1. Nerdy Girl says:

    Oh, no, these shoes were actually too small. Yeah. You don’t even have to say it! LOL…I love that your aunt’s shoes are all suddenly too small. 🙂 I love an older woman who has great shoes. The other night I saw a woman, who honestly had to be in her 70’s, wearing lipstick red patent leather kitten heels. I giggled, and wished I had my phone to take a picture!

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