Make Mom’s Eyes (And Ears) Sparkle On Mother’s Day


I was looking for a present for my mom, or at least an idea since she has EVERYTHING, and I came across these absolutely gorgeous sparkly earrings at MASHUGANA on Etsy.  I just love how they sparkle and shine and I would wear them everyday, with anything, just so I had an excuse. My mom would, too. 🙂

What are you getting your Mom for Mother’s day? It’s coming up, you know.

Drop by MASHUGANA and check out the rest of the fare. Its all so pretty. And sparkly. And fun. Did I mention sparkly? and tell them where you found them!

Happy Shopping!!



2 thoughts on “Make Mom’s Eyes (And Ears) Sparkle On Mother’s Day

  1. britneyana says:

    Ugh. To be honest, all I got her was a card that said “thanks to the values you instilled in me, I didn’t grow up to be an exotic dancer… Of course if I had, you would be getting a much nicer gift”. I’m thinking of maybe throwing in a Starbucks gift card? My mom and I are rather estranged.

    I love etsy! Beautiful earrings!

    • Nerdy Girl says:

      You know, there is nothing wrong with a card. I always do something nice for my mom, and my brothers only get her a card every year, but I’m pretty sure she likes that better. I love what you are writing in your card though! I laughed so hard when I saw it!

      Thanks so much for checking me out, and thank you for following!

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