Hey Good Lookin’, Whatcha Got Cookin’?

So, can you tell I’m in the mood to bake? I love a good apron, but I think that a cute apron is so much better. Nothing makes you feel better when you’re slaving over a hot stove than a really fun, flirty, funky apron. I saw these over on Lover Dovers Clothing, while scoping out a few more Mother’s Day options. (By the way, my mother would absolutely strangle me if I bought her one of these, which, if I wanted to be a pain in the ass, is worth it. 🙂 ) Lover Dovers also has kids dresses and aprons (some of which are here) so Mom and Daughter can match in the kitchen. How cute would that be?

So go, check them out, and maybe you can terrorize your Mom for Mother’s Day too!


Hope you guys have all had an amazing weekend! Cookies for everyone! 🙂

Happy Shopping!!


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