Lets Go On A Picnic!

Its Memorial Day weekend here in the states, which means bar-be-ques and picnics and lots of time spent outside with family and friends! I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! I’ll be in and out of my real job, and working on a huge, week long post next week about weddings.

I’ve had a lot of requests, so next week the Nerdy Girl blog is going white…and cream…and ivory….and then we’ll get nontraditional! I’ll be talking about budgets, bridesmaids, ideas for table settings and decor, interesting and quirky finds for bridal wear and flower girls (and everyone else involved).  So I hope you will stick around, put your two cents in and enjoy next week.

Don’t worry though, I’ll be doing regular posts all week as well, so Whatcha Readin Wednesday will still be in full effect, and I’m also going to start Freaky Fridays, with some really neat subversive items. I also have some great ideas for NerdyGirl Eats, which is going to be restaurant, bakery, cafe and food truck reviews in and around Orlando, for a more local scene, and for people thinking about visiting.  We aren’t just about the big mouse up the road!

Its been a full month since I started this blog, and I just want to thank all of you for your support! You have been wonderful! So…just to make things more fun, if we can get 100 people to follow this blog and to like me on Facebook, I’ll do a giveaway. What, you ask. Well, I have no idea. But when we get closer to 100, I’ll definitely let you know! Think we can do it????

Thank you guys for everything!! I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

Happy Friday and Happy Shopping!!


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