Whatcha Readin Wednesday Brings You My Random Reading List For The Week


We’re back! It isn’t just one author today, since I’m reading a whole slew of books by different authors. Five, to be exact, and none of them about weddings. Well, not directly about weddings. I thought about staying on theme today, but the response told me y’all like me best when I’m quirky and random. So, back to our regularly scheduled program….


The ghost of Jack the Ripper? The inspiration behind Ebenezer Scrooge? A story about all of that? SIGN ME UP! I’ve only just begun this one, but I’m hooked already. Maguire has a way with setting and words that I can only dream of. I always get lost in his books, following the trails til the very end, only to be a little sad when its all over.


See how random I am? Laurie Notaro always makes me laugh. She writes about the things that happen to her, at her, within her, and in front of her. She’s a woman’s writer, not in the sappy chic-lit way, but in the real make-you-laugh-til-you-pee way. All of her stories are full of silliness, heart, and a good does of kick you in the ass reality.


If you have never read Alice Hoffman, I totally recommend her. I never want to put her books down, no matter how sad, irritated, joyful, or frustrated her characters make me. And they do, often. But she makes them so real, that it feels like they are standing in front of you.  Her books grab you by the shirt and hold on until its over. For first time Alice Hoffman readers I always, ALWAYS recommend Practical Magic. Yes, THAT Practical Magic. Its even more amazing than the movie.


Confession time: I bought this books because of the cover. That’s right. I judged a book by its cover. Does that make me a bad person? I would say yes if the book had sucked, but so far, so good. There is time travel, action, adventure, witchery, wizardry….but not all at once. It starts off slightly slow, but Brackston  is taking me on a nice little ramble through the woods. I’ll hang in there and let you know if it still has me at the end.


Sometimes you just need a little romance, a little silly, and a whole lot of fun. Karen Hawkins never does me wrong. This is the fourth book in her Hurst Amulet series, and so I’m loving it. The banter is witty, the characters are well fleshed out, and the appearances made by the previous books’ main characters doesn’t overshadow, but adds depth to this books hero and heroin. I don’t read romance novels often, to be honest, but Hawkins’ books always make me laugh. Its feel good fiction at its best.

What are y’all reading this week? Please, tell us in the comments. Have you read any of these? Let me know what you thought of them!

Happy Reading!!



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