Freaky Friday is Here….

So, here it is, the first installation of Freaky Fridays here at NerdyGirlShops. Freaky to me isn’t necessarily about the weird or strange, its just about being different. So here are a few things that are different, for everyday use, or just for fun. Next weeks installation is classic horror movie inspired. I hope you guys enjoy….and if there are any objections, please let me know in the comments section!! Enjoy!!




I promised you something different, didn’t I? Abigail Greydanus has some great designs for her lingerie, swimsuits and accessories at her Etsy store. She is definitely worth checking out. The photography is just as striking as her clothing designs.



Who doesn’t want to feel like their favorite superhero is supporting them 100%??? I love this batman bra, and all the other comic book inspired bras that Megan Elizabeth has in her Etsy store! I was totally digging on all the other stuff in her store as well. Finally! Geek girls can have cool stuff too!!


Have a great Friday and Happy Shopping!!!!


Don’t forget to tell them who sent you when you make purchases!!


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