Whatcha’ Readin’ Wednesday Is Back!!

Well, between being sick and being too busy to be anything but boring last week, I missed Whatcha’ Readin’ Wednesday. But fear not, I’m back on my feet (well, theoretically at the moment, since I’m planted at my desk) and I have new and exciting books to share with you. Well, new at any rate. I’m not sure how exciting because I only just picked them up on Monday.

That’s right. I said it.


This is one of my favorite activities.  I can hear you now: “Why would a girl who blogs about style, accessories and men love to go book shopping so much she put it all in caps?” Well, my friends, because style is all about attitude. My absolute, 100% FAVORITE accessory to go with a great outfit is a great book. In fact, I always have a book in my purse (giant bag–whatever you want to call it), a great pair of shoes–as well as a pair of flip flops, just in case–wallet, phone, lip gloss, etc. The book is in there because I hate standing in line with nothing to do at the grocery store, bank, or when I’m getting my oil changed. I dislike being bored, so I amuse my brain. Its that simple. 🙂

Ok, so here are the books of the week!

I’m a big, HUGE, fan of Alex Kava‘s thrillers. Special Agent Maggie O’dell has been one of my favorite female characters since I was in high school. She’s one of the few wonderfully flawed characters out there that you just keep rooting for. There are always double plot lines in Kava’s books, which makes for a fast paced, intense read. This is number 9 in the Maggie O’dell series, but you by no means have to read these books in order (unless you want to). I will give Kava credit for not bringing in so much back story in all of her books. The first couple have everything you need to catch you up on my favorite Special Agent, and after that you can read them any way you want to.

This one starts with two teenagers getting electrocuted in Nebraska, and in the other plot line, there is a deadly outbreak of disease infecting children in a Virginia elementary school. Col. Benjamin Platt (O’dell’s love interest, kinda) works for the Army’s version of the Center for Disease Control, and he is working that case…connecting the dots to O’dell’s case out in Nebraska. I won’t tell you what happens next, since I haven’t started the book yet, but I will tell you that I am going to be nose deep in this book for a few hours before bed tonight. 🙂

Go check out her website for more information on her books and the author!



I am pleased to say that this is my very first Nicole Galland novel and I’m ridiculously excited to start reading it. This one isn’t so much historical fiction as it is a love triangle to beat ALL love triangles. I haven’t yet begun this one, mostly because I wanted to read it without the distraction of another book, so I’m not entirely sure how to describe it. This is what is says on the back of the book:

“Wales, 1198: a time of treachery, passion and uncertainty. King Maelgwyn ap Cadwallon, familiarly known as Noble, struggles to protect his small kingdom from foes both outside and inside his borders. Pressured into a marriage of political convenience, he takes as his bride the young, headstrong Isabel Mortimer, niece of his powerful English nemesis.

Through strength of character, Isabel wins her husband’s grudging respect, but finds the Welsh court backward and barbaric — especially Noble’s oldest friend and confidant, the rascally Gwirion, a charismatic prankster who delights in making the foreign-born queen feel unwelcome. Before long, however, Gwirion and Isabel’s mutual animosity is abruptly transformed, and the king finds himself as threatened by his loved ones as by the enemies who menace his crown.”

Doesn’t sound so bad for a debut, does it? She currently has three books out, I believe, and might be working on a fourth. nicolegalland.com   Go check out her website to learn more about her and her books.


So, that’s my reading list for the week. What about you? What are y’all reading??

Have a great Wednesday! Happy Reading!!!


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