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Beauty and the Best of the Rest

By not wearing make up you areBETRAYINGother women.

No, I’m not serious, I actually have brain cells. The views above are of Daily Mail writer Liz Jones.

The below picture of Holly Willoughby (UK TV Presenter) without any make up on drove Liz Jones into what could only have been a jealous rage which resulted in her writing her article‘Why Holly’s BETRAYING women by going barefaced’

She said that by posting ‘no make up’ pics, celebrities like Holly are ‘peddling a fantasy’and calls it‘arrogant over confident one-upmanship’.

That’s right ladies and gents, by (bravely, in my book) going bare faced and showing that you are a normal human being with imperfections, being a positive role model for women, like me, who can be made insecure about how they look by all of the professionally made up and airbrushed celebs we see, you are simply being arrogant and over confident.  Apparently you…

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