Men’s Style….

I’ve never really talked about men’s style here on the blog….well, come to think of it, I don’t really talk about men that much at all. Well, with the exception of Men of Monday. 😉 So this Monday, I’d like to ask a question. When did skinny jeans become something that men are wearing?


This is NOT ok. Please. Stop!


Listen, guys. When your jeans are skinnier than the girl your standing next to, there is an issue. This public service announcement isn’t JUST for the straight men out there, either. Gay men everywhere should damn well know better. We all get stuck in a trend, men and women alike, but this is a trend I’d like to see go away, for both sexes.  So guys, why don’t you try for fitted? Its a much better look.







So much sexier….


Trust me, guys, we women would rather see you dressed in comfortable, fitted clothes than skinny jeans and a t-shirt. I’m not saying lose your personal style, because I don’t want you all to look the same. The joy of men is that you don’t all look the same.  All I want is this trend to disappear. So what do you say, will you toss your skinny jeans and start dressing a little better?  Please?

Ok….so its your turn now guys! What is your style?

Ladies….What do you prefer your guy to dress  like?

Let us know in the comments!!!!

Hope everyone has a great Monday!!!!

Happy Shopping!





2 thoughts on “Men’s Style….

    • Nerdy Girl says:

      Yeah, the even weirder thing is that I’ve been seeing it more and more here in Florida. I’m not really a fan of them on anyone, to be honest. Teenage girls are really the only people ‘skinny’ jeans are made for.

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