Let’s Bring Back The Gentleman

Guys! If more of you dressed like this:




Do you think men would stop acting like this?



Do you think you guys could stop acting like that anyway? I’m so tired of going out and seeing  guys dressed like slobs, who by the way, expect us to just drool and fall all over them. Can we please bring a little class back into the world? It doesn’t have to be a suit and tie, wear a t-shirt, nice jeans and a jacket. Brush your hair. Take your damn sunglasses off when you are talking to someone. Treat us with a little more respect, and we will take you seriously. You do want to be taken seriously, right?

I knnow change is hard, but maybe we should start them young.



Those kids are rocking it! Later on in life, they will be lady killers, for sure. 🙂 Take some style tips from those kids, guys, cause they’ve got it.  Sorry about the rant, but seriously, I’d like to date a grownup, not a fool, for a change.



4 thoughts on “Let’s Bring Back The Gentleman

  1. Aingealsile says:

    That tiny one is so cute! We should start them early. Despite dressing my now 14 yr old in adorable outfits when he was young, he is currently at the sideways hat, pants falling off his a@$ phase. I hate it, but I limit my mocking commentary in the hopes it will pass, SOON!

    I prefer well groomed men. I do not like the trend of these overweight, out of shape, barely groomed guys who think they can just show up and steal the show. AND I think it goes both ways, because in the area I live in anyway, women are just as bad. Don’t stop trying! Being well groomed and hygienic is good! I used to make fun of my now-hubby for wearing sweater-vests but you know..I miss seeing him in them. He’s so handsome when he is dressed “up” but not in “work dress” or “wedding dress.” Just nice pants and a shirt/sweater. Something so you don’t look like a Captain D-Bag!

    • Nerdy Girl says:

      I couldn’t agree with you more! Being out of shape, I understand, is something a lot of people are grappling with, but I firmly believe that if you dress your body to make yourself feel good, you WILL feel good. That goes for men AND women!

      Haha, every time a see a teenage (or adult) guy wearing their pants like that, I flat out tell them to pull them up. I don’t care. Maybe they will listen a stranger. Usually they do. lol. Though I have had a few moms yell at me for it. I always tell them: If you don’t care that your kid looks like a hot mess, your kid isnt going to care either. 🙂

      Thank you sooooo much for stopping by and commenting!! (on both, cause I think I forgot to thank you on the other post) I hope you enjoyed your visit!

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