Funky Accessories At Art on Buckle

I came across these a little while ago and thought you guys would like to see them. This store has a fun selection of belt buckles, some cufflinks, rings and earrings. Go and check it out, and tell me what you think!  Oh, and in case I’m the only person who is over 25 who reads this blog, that up there, the belt buckle you don’t recognize?

Thats a cassette tape. We used to listen to music on them.

Go ahead. Make fun.

I know I’m old. 🙂 (its also my favorite)

Don’t forget to tell them where you found them!!!

Happy Shopping!


One thought on “Funky Accessories At Art on Buckle

  1. cinnaspring says:

    Haha you’re not old!! I’m not 25 yet but cassette tapes used to be an important part of my life! I love the bicycle cufflinks, it reminds me of The Cambridge Satchel Company!

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