Time Keeps On Slipping….Slipping….Into The Future….


I stumbled across theses beautiful, hand-crafted clocks made by Michole Madden in the magazine Secondhand Treasures, and I immediately fell in love. I then went directly to her website reCycle Clocks and fell even more in love, if that was possible. Michole makes these amazing clocks from motorcycle and bicycle parts, as well as various items she finds in thrift stores. She takes her time putting each clock together and the end product is absolutely gorgeous. I can see these clocks in diners, motorcycle stores, hot rod garages, bicycle shops, my kitchen, and the home of tinkerer’s and crafts people everywhere.

Just so you know, the first five pictures are of clocks made with motorcycle parts; the second five are bicycle parts. Her prices vary, but the product is definitely worth the cost.

So go, check out Michole’s website and fall for her clocks the way that I did. Be sure to tell her where you found them, I’m sure she would love to know!

reCycle Clocks


And, as always, Happy Shopping!





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