Freaky Friday….


Photography by Christophe Gilbert.  Click his name to check him out. His work is amazing!


Happy Friday!!


4 thoughts on “Freaky Friday….

  1. wheniwasalad says:

    I clicked on your link and as you say some of the work is superb, but some of the subject matter is a little bizarre to me not sure what the pictures are saying. The quality of the pictures leave mine at the bottom of the pile LOL but I like the construction of the website.

    • Nerdy Girl says:

      Yeah, you know, I was a little taken back by some of the work too. I think a lot of it was ad work, however, it was beautifully done. 🙂

      What kind of photography do you do?

      • wheniwasalad says:

        Anything that takes my fancy if you look at my blogs you will see a variation but nothing professional. Buildings, architecture, people, places, portraits, I lack technical ability, like camera settings and the such, there is so much I need to learn when I see the photos that we have been discussing.

      • Nerdy Girl says:

        I like your pictures in your post. It shows a passion for it. Maybe take some classes?

        I have a lot to learn as well. My photos never turn out how I think they are going to. 🙂 But its always great to aspire to something….isn’t it?

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