I Do Wonder…..


Found this via Pinterest. What do you guys think? Would more men be gentleman if more women (and girls) acted like ladies or is this line of thinking too antiquated? Lets hear your thoughts in the comments below!


6 thoughts on “I Do Wonder…..

  1. Carlotta says:

    If more men acted like gentlemen, would more women be inspired to act like ladies? Why does one’s behavior need to be dependent on another’s?

    • Nerdy Girl says:

      Why not? Why should they be exclusive? Haven’t you ever been with someone who made you want to be a better person? I have. Outside of that, it was a picture I found interesting with a great question. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. lubella says:

    I think it’s a great question because these are not mutually exclusive, and we often attract what we project into the world. Ultimately, I believe it’s an issue that starts during childhood at home. Teach and demonstrate self-respect and respect to others, and kids will most likely repeat that later in life. Let them grow up with Honey BooBoo,Teen Moms, & other nasty celebs as their models for socializing then it’s gonna get skanky sooner or later.

    • Nerdy Girl says:

      I agree with you wholeheartedly on the role models. I never watched much television when I was younger, partly because it wasn’t allowed and partly because it was so focused on kids/teenagers. But the shows I did watch (Family Matters, Boy Meets World, etc) showed teens/kids who were respectful of themselves, but their families as well. Maybe its a generational thing. Who knows.

      Thanks so much for your comment!!

      • lubella says:

        I think it might be generational too. Actually, I made a comment similar to the quote in the image at a party a few weeks ago then a friend that overheard me shared your blog post.Glad to see another woman is pondering this same question

      • Nerdy Girl says:

        I’m glad to see that there are other women out there who are pondering this question as well. So many others that I have mentioned this question to have looked at me like I was crazy, just called me stuck up, or *gasp* old. Generational makes a lot of sense to me, but then I spent a lot of time watching my grandparents and great grandparents interact with others in a way that showed respect not only to themselves, but to the others they were interacting with. Maybe mimicking the way my grandmother held herself when she walked or sat made the difference in my behavior in public. Though I do swear like a Marine. 😉

        Anyway, thanks so much to your friend for recommending my post and to you for swinging by and reading it. 🙂 Its much appreciated and I hope you found other things you enjoyed as well. 🙂

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