I’ve Been A Bad, Bad Blogger…..

I know, I know…..You are probably wondering where the hell I went. Or, not. I’m going to tell you either way, so get yourselves settled.

You good?

Got your feet up?

Drink in hand?

Good. *sigh*

I’ve been working a lot more, which normally would be a great, celebratory thing, but in the process of working a lot more I’ve also had to change my schedule. Before I worked a lot, but I did it at night, so it never had any affect on my blog. But now, I’m at up at 4 or 5 am, just about every morning. The worst part about this?

I am NOT a morning person!


I wish. Don’t worry, there isn’t actually Red Bull in my coffee pot. Just water and massive amounts of coffee.  I’m a little twitchy these days, to say the  least. However, the good part about getting up early (if there is anything good about it, the jury is still out on that nonsense), is that I have sent out about 1,000 emails to stores, so that I can blog about them for you. That is also part of the reason for my hiatus.

You see, I can’t legally promote the ‘shopping’ part of NerdyGirl Shops without permission from those shops. So I send a bajilli0n (screw you, its a number on some planet or another) emails every week asking for permission. I’m starting to get some great responses back. So I have a small line up of stores to bring YOU over the next couple of days, so please, stay tuned!  I’ve lost a lot of followers due to my brief hiatus, and I hope to get them back and more!

If you happen to know anyone who you think would like (love) to be showcased, please let me know here in the comments, on facebook, or in my email (nerdygirlshops@gmail.com).

Oh yeah, and just in case you (or I) thought I didn’t have enough to do during the day?? I’m going back to school in January. Thats right. You heard it here. This nerd is about to get a hell of a lot nerdier! I’m going back to finish my degree in Engineering. And the other one in Architecture. Oh yeah, and that last one in History. WHAT? I know. I’m a fucking mess.

I’ll be honest with you, though, since you are just about the only people I talk to on a daily basis. Yes, thats right, I’m also nuts. 😛 I’m not sure how well that Structural Engineering degree is going to work out. I started it because, well, I enjoy torturing myself with math. It is, in fact, the EXACT opposite of my passion. My dad (who is pretty much one of the most intelligent people I know–no, thats not fucking intimidating at ALL) says that in order to get good at something, you have to practice. Well, practice I shall, but I’m a bit scared also. Numbers are a little intimidating to me. I may need a tutor. Note to self….

Ok, well, I suppose I’ll stop rambling at you about my insecurites, and let you get back to the regularly scheduled programs I offer on NerdyGirl Shops. Oh, keep an eye out, Floridians, cause NerdyGirl Local is on its way!! I’m currently working on a small piece to kick it off, but over the next few months (yeah yeah, I know, but at least I enjoy going out and doing stuff so I can write about it!) there will be a lot more profiles on small local places to eat, shops, hang out, and have lots of fun. 🙂 I’m excited about this part of the project, even if no one reads it, ever. I know, that was shameless. But I never said I had any shame, so there. 😛

Oh, and here is some more shameless self promotion: I’m also on Pinterest, Twitter (@nerdygirlshops) and I think thats it. You can also stalk me here. I like it. 🙂

I hope everyone is having a wonderful Friday, and has a wonderful weekend! And don’t forget to tell your friends about me! (I told you, I’m SHAMELESS!)


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