NerdyGirl Local: The Little Free Library Project

My friend Alanna brought this to my attention the other day. I think every city needs libraries, all they libraries with all the books that people can get their hands on. This is one idea I will definitely be backing. The link is specific to a Little Free Library in Orlando, FL….But I am sure there are other Little Free Libraries being constructed all over the United States. It shouldn’t be difficult to find (or start) one in your city!

So far, they have raised $1,097  towards a goal of $5,000. If you are interested in learning more, please click the link. Libraries need all the help they can get, especially this one! 🙂

Click. Read. Support a local Little Free Library!

Its really easy, and there is a great video that goes along with it. Please watch and donate!

Have a great Friday!


One thought on “NerdyGirl Local: The Little Free Library Project

  1. mclicious says:

    Gotta love those popup libraries! My school chapter of the Progressive Librarians Guild is hosting an event where we talk about how awesome these are, and then we’re doing a “ribbon cutting” for our own popup library in a locker on campus. While I don’t see regular libraries going anywhere, I think they can coexist with libraries such as these, and both can do so much for a community.

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