NerdyGirl Local: My Friend Debbee’s Cakes!

These cakes area almost too pretty to eat. Almost. I had the chance to taste her orangecake with chocolate ganache frosting (its not featured here, but it is the first cake on her blog) and it was AMAZING.  Thats first hand experience telling you that her cakes are not only beautiful, but taste awesome as well. Most cakes covered in fondant do not. Think I’m kidding? Ever had a slice of wedding cake? Tell me it didn’t taste like cardboard.

Go ahead.

I’m waiting.

Oh, you can’t?

Well, I’ll be damned, I’m right.

Anyway, Debbee’s Cakes do NOT taste like cardboard. And they are pretty.  What a rare combination, huh?  So now that I have you hooked with smaller pictures and your collective mouths are watering, its time to go to her blog so you can see the full sized photos, check out her process, and maybe throw her an email. If you are nice, maybe she will make you a cake. 🙂

Don’t forget to tell her who sent you!

Happy Friday!


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