Shopping Day: Chocolate, Shoes and Barbeque!

Hey Y’all!  How has Monday been for everyone??  Not to brag, but mine has been pretty damn awesome! It was a day off for me, so I spent the morning just messing around the house, drinking coffee, procrastinating like a professional. I knew I had work to do, yet I just couldn’t bring myself to start, so I got myself showered and dressed and out of the house. Most of the time this helps me focus, and today was one of those lucky days.

I love a shopping day, don’t Y’all? It is what I do best, after all. 😉 So here it is. My day in photos:


This is the dress I wore today. Cute, huh? Don’t mind the judgemental look on my face. This was taken the day I bought the dress, and I tend to be kinda harsh on myself.



My white rabbit ring. It is one of my favorite accessories, and the most complimented accessory I own.


The earrings I wore today. Bought these in downtown Winter Garden, FL at Kate Lynn’s. If you’re in town, you should definitely head that way.


I wore my purple sparkly flats with this dress. Yeah, I know what you are thinking, but it totally works. These are my favorite pictures…the spoils of shopping!!

My new Vans. I love Vans! I can’t even tell you how much. Or how many I own these days….But these, yeah, these are awesome!


Oh, yeah! Did I mention I got those Vans on sale? Even better score, right!?!? I’m excited to wear those out…and I’m thinking they are gonna look great with a mini skirt, tights and a cute top and jacket. Maybe a Friday night look?


Yes, I spoiled myself. In that lovely little box are 16 chocolates. Dark, dark chocolates. Yummy!


Since my roommate went with me, we decided to grab some dinner on the way home. We hit the BBQ joint thats right up the road from our apartment, BubbbaLou’s Bbq. Their food is ALWAYS awesome and the staff is always so nice and so much fun. And did I mention that the food is AWESOME? It is. You should go when you are in town.

BubbaLou’s BBQ pulled pork sandwich basket with fries and baked beans. YUMMY!



So that was my day. I’m home now, blogging and relaxing. I’ll be putting up a few more posts this week…so stay tuned!

How was your Monday?




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