The Eyes Have It..

Its not a big secret that I LOVE wearing glasses, especially now that I am older and can afford the frames that I always longed to wear. I have three pairs that I rotate on a regular basis, and a few more that I need to get my prescription in so I can wear them again. But what I don’t have is a pair of vintage, cat’s eye glasses.  I’ve always wanted a pair, but could never find one that looked right on my face. Until now.  I just love the sleek look of these, don’t y’all?

I stumbled across these on the Vintage Optical Shop on etsy and completely fell in love. There are a ton of them on there, all cooler than the next, but these are my favorites.  I absolutely LOVE the blue ones, and the wood styled ones just before it. I have a feeling that I’m going to be doing some major shopping soon, because these are too damn cute to pass up!

So go check out the store, and tell me what you think…don’t forget to tell them where you found them!
Oh, by the way, they also have their own store. with even MORE fantastic frames!!

Happy Shopping!!!


15 thoughts on “The Eyes Have It..

  1. Aingealsile says:

    I am almost looking forward to when I have to get “reading” glasses because there are so many awesome styles out there now!

    I especially dig the cats eye frames in various colors..You could have a pair for each day of the week! (Although that’s probably pricey!)

    • Nerdy Girl says:

      its ridiculously pricey! But soooo worth it. I wish mine were just reading glasses, as it would be so much cheaper….so you are lucky. And I am JEALOUS! You would look amazing in the cats eye ones, btw. 🙂

      • Aingealsile says:

        Awww, thanks! I would probably start with tortiseshell cats eye glasses.

        My mom told me as soon as I’m 40 be ready-apparently thats when every woman in our family can no longer read or drive at night without them, so I’ve been preparing myself, trying on cool styles.

        I think it’s neat, because when I was a kid people HATED glasses, but now they are socially acceptable and even stylish. It’s awesome!

      • Nerdy Girl says:

        Haha! You lucky girl! I started wearing them full time when I was 16 and was teased a lot for them. But mine were an awful, ugly pair….until I took charge and told my mom that I wanted a cool pair or I was going to go blind.

        Its good to try on lots of frames. I take pictures when I try them on, because I don’t trust mirrors (I know. I’m weird). Also, if you see sunglass frames you LOVE, try em out. The ones I wear full time were sunglasses originally, and were way cheaper (before the lenses) than the typical eyeglass frames. I think they were 60$ before the prescription. You don’t want to know the after price…*sigh*

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