I Love Boobies!

I have breasts. Fairly large ones. So does my Mother. My Aunts. Cousins. Friends.  I’m sure at least half (or more) of the people reading this have breasts. So why not educate ourselves to save them?

One of my favorite Breast Cancer Awareness sites is Keep A Breast . They have worked tirelessly to get young women AND men involved with cancer research, education and prevention. I believe, as they do, that educating ourselves is the first step to prevention.  I urge you to check out their website, even if all you do is watch the videos. They have statistics, lots and lots of knowledge, and a TON of ways to get involved.

We are never too young for cancer. What was once thought of as an ‘older woman’s disease’ is now every woman’s disease. Whether you are 20, 30, 40 or older, check yourself out, have your boyfriend/husband/girlfriend/wife do it for you. These are the people who know your breasts just as well as you do and they always know when something is different.

Don’t know how to do a self breast exam? http://www.keep-a-breast.org/health/  At the bottom of that page they have a handy card with a diagram you can print out and put in your bathroom. Super easy. Check yourself daily, while you are healthy, so you will notice any changes.

Hopefully one day we will educate ourselves right out of cancer. Not just breast cancer, but all of the cancers. There is no need for people to be dying of it. So what do you say? Do YOU love boobies enough to save them?



Go buy a damn t-shirt. Or a bracelet. Or whatever. Wear it proudly. Educate your friends. Let your teachers know that Boobies is NOT a 4 letter word, and yes, they should be saved! Be bold is your choices. Be brazen in your campaigning. Lets show cancer how we are going to kick its ass!


Just in case you forgot what we were trying to save. 😉



5 thoughts on “I Love Boobies!

      • D @ Sweetjellybean.com says:

        How did I miss this come back from you? That’s fantastic idea! You’re doing Pink Monday & I’m on a Pink Friday parade! haha. It’s all good to get the beginning and end of the week pinkified – it’s all for the good cause. I think I might tag you in my next post then, is that ok? 😉

      • Nerdy Girl says:

        Yeah, I don’t mind. I’m running a test today to see if anything posts. You probably didn’t see this because wordpess HATES me. 😦 Hopefully by the time your next post goes up, I’lll be able to post again!

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