Nerdy Girl Travels

I love to wander around, experiencing the world in all the fun and exciting ways possible.

I love adventure.

Adrenaline rushes from getting lost.

I long to meet new people…

…to see new places. Even if they are in my own state.


That photo pretty much sums up my feelings. With that said, I’m working on some travel posts from around my state. They will definitely tie in to the Nerdy Girl Shops blog, as I’ll be hitting small stores, bookstores, cafe’s, eatries, etc. But I also plan to take you a non-tourist stroll through Florida. I plan to show you the things that I love, the places here I have never been, and all the wonderful weirdness in between.  I’m starting with Florida because I live here, but I do plan on traveling out of state soon enough. Within the next year I plan to exand the Nerdy Girl brand into a few different areas. I hope you all will stick around for the ride. 🙂

Let the adventures begin!


(Note: photo found via pinterest. If you would like credit for it, or like it removed, feel free to email me. I will definitely do so.)


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