One More Day….

Tomorrow is the big day!

Can you tell I’m excited? The closer it gets to Halloween, the happier I get. I love it! This year, I’m even MORE excited (if that was humanly possible) because its going to be cold outside!! When I woke up this morning it was a very chilly 45 degrees outside. Unseasonably cold for us, but I don’t care! I’ve got the tights, sweaters, hats and jackets all pulled out and I am a HAPPY, HAPPY girl! Later on today (after I get back from the grocery store) I’ll post some cold weather clothing ideas. :)Maybe, just maybe, I’ll post what I wore….but I can’t promise anything. I’ll most likely be in the kitchen, cooking up a storm before work today. What’s a cold weather day without chicken pot pie?

I don’t know either. 🙂



I hope everyone has a lovely Tuesday!


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