Halloween Decor, New Projects and Pumpkin Bread

Talk about relaxed!

I managed to snag a day off on my favorite day of the year, and it is a beautiful one. The sun is shining, there is a chill in the air, and my apartment smells like pumpkin bread and chocolate chips.
I’ve mostly just been hanging around today, cleaning up and I took some pictures of my Halloween decorations for you. Only a couple though, as I can’t reveal all my witchy-ness at once.



I’ve been collecting witches and witch oriented items for quite some time now….close to 15 years I would say. I took all those photos, by the way. In order of appearance from left to right are: My kitchen table centerpiece, the sign that hangs on my bedroom wall year round (its up high, and I’m short; sue me), a witch in front of a harvest moon candle holder, a ghost that lights up on my record player (yeah, he spins and it makes me giggle) and  mini decorated pumpkins I saw at the grocery store. I’m not very big on the scary part of Halloween; I obviously prefer the magical side. I also decorate my place starting in September.

Don’t judge. I know people who will decorate for Christmas tomorrow.  I treat Halloween the same way. In fact, it irritates me when I see Christmas decorations in stores before Halloween even hits. Let us heathens have our fun, won’t you?

Tomorrow starts November, which means the biggest shopping day of the year is almost upon us. If you are looking for some alternatives to going out on black Friday, check my archives, and stay tuned for some new stores to be promoted this month.

I’m really excited about the direction Nerdy Girl Shops is going in, and I’ll be launching a sister project in the new year that involves a LOT of traveling, eating, shopping and a whole lot of fun. I’ll be meeting new people, scouting out local businesses and eateries, family owned inn’s and bed and breakfast’s. Those of you who read this blog often know how much I love to support small business, so keep that in mind about my next project as well. I plan to focus on small towns and small communities, family owned/run businesses and adventures to be had in each place.

Those that were affected by hurricane Sandy, know you are in our thoughts and hearts. I hope that mess is cleaned up and everything is back to normal as quickly as possible. Here in Florida, we don’t wish that kind of storm on anyone. Be safe, count your blessings, and know that people are wishing all the best for you.

As always, I welcome any and all feedback from my lovely readers.

I hope everyone is staying safe and warm!


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