Holiday Decor Inspiration

I’m sorry I haven’t done my personal decor post, but this last week has been a little nutty! I promise to take some photos tonight after work and get that post worked out for y’all in the morning. 🙂 I can’t wait to show off the cute decor (and not all of it is strictly Christmas) that inspires my present wrapping and caroling! But first I have to clean my apartment again! Some days there is just too much to do…*sigh*

Anyway, here is some holiday inspiration for you!

24980972902646622_M26waFpv_c 111323422009893376_qz49cZwn_c 54887689178186092_qAIrTz7M_c 262334747013837989_0yZLJbf6_c 225883737530002484_0ez8BlBb_c 96897829453080124_GC2fUesc_c 3096293463440318_IDJPv41A_c SONY DSC 236579786646857782_sbsO8kO9_c 183451384790756686_bgp99nMk_c 41095415319364326_7URgiY6w_c 81768549454104767_ysWQmkOJ_c 258957047295298083_I38J5sp4_c 286189751291631828_omRSazZQ_c 223280093995424499_uAORnDCG_c 67835538107383916_tvvYShJu_c


What inspires you during the holidays? Baking? Music? Decorating? Getting away from it all? Let us know in the comments!

Happy Holidays, Y’all!


(All photos found via Pinterest)


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