Its The End Of The Year As We Know It….

2012 is almost over! I wanted to ring the new year in with style and class, but I’ll be doing it after work in my pajamas while this damn plague finishes working its way out of my system. 😦 I’ll be asleep by midnight. But that doesn’t mean I haven’t set any goals!  There are a lot of personal ones, as well as some work ones, but I want to tell you about my blogging goals for next year.

I’d like to take it to the next level and monetize this blog, as well as

Between working full time and running both blogs, my goal is to do three to five posts a week for nerdygirlshops and 1 post a week for nerdygirltravels.

There will be some changes. You’ll see some more personal posts here, as well as the usual style and silliness, but I will also be adding a few new weekly posts to the line up to keep me on schedule. Some of my old standbys will be reappearing, and some won’t be returning.

Those are the big goals for the blogs next year. I have a lot more, I’m just running out of energy and thought you’d like to get an over view of the big stuff. When I’m feeling better (most likely tomorrow, as this is the first day I’ve been out of bed since Saturday) I’ll do a big post with all of my goals for the year. 🙂


Happy New Year! I hope it is everything you all want it to be and more!!




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