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We Have Moved!

Hey Y’all! Please come by and visit me over on http://www.nerdygirlshops.com     as that is where I’ll be posting full time. Keep in mind that the new blog is still under construction,… Continue reading

Culture Clash.

Hope Y’all enjoy this as much as I did.🙂  

Its The End Of The Year As We Know It….

2012 is almost over! I wanted to ring the new year in with style and class, but I’ll be doing it after work in my pajamas while this damn plague finishes working its… Continue reading

Holiday Shopping: The Little Blue Dress

Holiday Shopping: The Little Blue Dress by nerdygirlshops featuring h&m Kate Fearnley blue dress $290 – psyche.co.uk Precis Petite navy dress $160 – houseoffraser.co.uk Dress modcloth.com Dorothy Perkins body con dress dorothyperkins.com Blue dress udobuy.com H m… Continue reading

It Took Some Doing, But….

    ….and will be telling you ALL about it later this afternoon!!! Have a great Tuesday everyone!

Its Almost Here….

    I can feel the magic in the air…..Can you?   Happy Saturday!

Nerdy Girl Travels

I love to wander around, experiencing the world in all the fun and exciting ways possible. I love adventure. Adrenaline rushes from getting lost. I long to meet new people… …to see new… Continue reading

Whatcha Readin’ Wednesday: Book Quote of the Week

  Lovely, isn’t it? Do you have a favorite quote from a book? Share it in the comments, silly! Oh, and don’t foget to head over the our Facebook page and say hello!

Men of Monday: 10/15/12

          Happy Monday…

You All Are The BEST!!!

  Sometime, in the last 12 hours, I reached the 10,000 views milestone! I honestly can’t believe it, considering WordPress has seriously been hating on me for the past two weeks. NOTHING would… Continue reading