Falling for Fall…

Falling for Fall... by nerdygirlshops featuring a pink crop topLong sleeve topmodcloth.comForever New pink crop top$44 - forevernew.com.auBoohoo mid calf skirtboohoo.comKnee high bootsgojane.comForever 21 zipper bagforever21.comChristmas necklaceetsy.comWildfox black glasseswildfox.comONLY logo beanie$13 - only.comKate Spade To-do List Ball Point Penkatespade.comkate spade new york Illustrative Journalbloomingdales.com


We Have Moved!

Hey Y'all! Please come by and visit me over on http://www.nerdygirlshops.com     as that is where I'll be posting full time. Keep in mind that the new blog is still under construction, so not all my pages have information. Information in the pages overview will be added this weekend, and posts will resume starting … Continue reading We Have Moved!

Searching for: Inner Peace, Motivation, and the Bottom of My Closet

Am I the only one that is glad 2013 is over? What a terrible year! Don't get me wrong, there were some awesome things about it: I met a whole lot of amazing new people, had some interesting and some awesome new experiences, started a new job and resolved to be better in the new … Continue reading Searching for: Inner Peace, Motivation, and the Bottom of My Closet


Happy Halloween From Nerdy Girl Shops!

Jinkies! It's Halloween!! This is my costume, what are YOU going as? Hope you all have a safe and happy Halloween!


Oh Look! New! Stuff and Things!

Hi! Remember me? Some of you might not, since its been a little while. The beginning of this year was wrought with circumstances beyond my control and quite a bit of reevaluating the things I hold important in my life. I asked myself a lot of questions in the first few months, and I came … Continue reading Oh Look! New! Stuff and Things!


Lovely In Lilac….

Lovely In Lilac.... by nerdygirlshops featuring forever new Warehouse keyhole dress $26 - warehouse.co.uk Seychelles ankle strap heels modcloth.com Forever new $72 - forevernew.com.au


Oh My Gods! What Is In THAT Bag?

I get asked that question a lot, especially when someone makes the mistake of picking up my bag and moving it from one place to another.  I don't use the term purse, even though this week I'm ACTUALLY carrying one as opposed to my go to tote bag or messenger, mostly because it just doesn't … Continue reading Oh My Gods! What Is In THAT Bag?